Good Job Sir – රණවිරු ගෝඨාභය උතුමාට අපගේ ආචාරය

Our hats off to Gota and Defense circles
by citizen mahinda
It is appropriate and admirable phrasing the action taken to arrest and interrogate the Jihad / Al Qaida   Leader is Sri Lanka namely Azath Salley, by the Criminal Investigation Dept. headed by the Defense circles.
We have been relentlessly publicizing and demanding in our forums and numerous attempts to force the defense circles appealing for apprehension of this Mad Dog who envisages to be the Bin Laden in Sri Lanka, and the threat is posed is horrible from the various information we gathered at different times. We hope that the defense circles will now be able to uncover the secrets behind this Jihad/Al Qaida Leader and other horrible information entailing behind him and about the organizations being operated under the feets.
We now appeal the Defense circles to interrogate him and follow the US Defense and Dept. of State information warning issued long time back with regards to several Islamic Terror groups operating in Sri Lanka which are headed by Asath Salley and Rauff Hakkim, and with no delay the biggest culprit the Rauff Hakkinm should also be interrogated under the law the P.T.A. We have evidence of several Islamic camps associated with Muslims schools and giving weapon training to Muslims children.
Now the govt. should chase out the Muslims from the high posts they are holding and they shall be kicked off the parliament and all posts they are holding.
Should any more incidents instigated by Muslims, we Helayas are not going to keep unto our silence and we will begin annihilating them forever from this Buddhist land. Let them go back to where they came from.
Please do not brand us to Racists, but we need to maintain our Buddhist Sinhela identity of this land for generations to come, and that was afforded to us by our proud ancestors
Our humble gratitude and supreme salutation to dear Gota,  for the excellent job done
May you be well and happy,